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When Tina and Franck turned 65 and experienced the confusion of Medicare for themselves, they realized it doesn't have to be this way. People under 65 have the same confusion with the healthcare marketplace.

Leveraging over 35 years in business ownership, corporate marketing and training, Tina and Franck decided to dedicate themselves to helping both seniors and younger navigate through the insurance jungle, educating them on their existing financial exposures, and providing solutions to help bring peace of mind to their clients.

Tina and Franck are Independent Licensed Agents based in Arizona and are married with two daughters and a rescue dog. Tina loves to cook and Franck loves playing the guitar. Their latest challenge ...pickleball!


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Phoenix, AZ 85050

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(480) 485-2600 Tina

(602) 962-7872. Franck

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Tina Dupart

Phone: (480) 485-2600


Franck Dupart

Phone: (602) 962-7872